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Benefits to your company

We firmly believe in the philosophy of a multi-cultural world free of all language barriers and cultural misunderstandings where learning languages is easy, accessible and affordable by all.With new international opportunities opening up in boom economies such as India and Brazil every day, now more than ever before there is an urgent need to address the language gap in UK organisations.
UK Language Solutions is a fully comprehensive language services provider to all UK public and private sectors. We offer a range of bespoke in-house language training packages for all business needs in over 100 languages. Whether you require general language training,


In-house language training

We tailor a package to suit the individual or company need taking into account your language ability, the standard required, time constraints and budget so that we fit around YOUR needs not our own.
As a language company we support diversity and like to encourage others to become more ethically aware. Although we offer all languages, we have continued to specialise in rare African and Arabic languages such as Susu, Tigre, Crio, Persian and Sudanese Arabic. We can now provide training packages in over 70 rare languages. Language training can be delivered on the company premises or at a training venue of your choice,

" Assistance was extremely helpful and professional, thank you."
Greater Manchester Police
" Your linguist has been extreemly helpful over and above his interpreting duties - wonderful to work with!"
Coventry University

Let our cultural advisers partner with you for international success

When approaching your overseas clients, do you usually adopt the same ‘one way fits all’ marketing strategy? Do you feel it is unnecessary to translate your marketing literature, website or email communications? Do you struggle to understand cultural differences in some of your key international markets?

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