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Our vision and values

Our Vision

As a forward thinking provider of language services we never stand still and are constantly evolving to meet the high level demands of our clients worldwide. While customer satisfaction is always at the top of our agenda and is one of the main reasons our clients return to us time again, we never like to claim that a job’s well done.

Instead we prefer to take our clients on a journey where their expectations are always challenged and increasingly surpassed on every occasion. This, we believe, is the essence of true quality and though the endless quest for perfection may seem unobtainable, it nonetheless embodies the spirit of UK Language Solutions.

Our Values

Quality is our middle name

• Quality and professionalism go hand in hand and underpin everything we do
• Interpretation should always be clear and unambiguous
• No two clients are ever the same – we believe in taking an individual, customised approach
• Quality can be easy to achieve once, but difficult to sustain
• We like to be cost effective and deliver local solutions where ever possible
• Good quality is always born out of by experience
• We take your privacy seriously and ensure all our services are totally confidential

We believe in being price conscious at all times

• We don’t support price cutting and only charge what our customers can afford, not what the market can bear
• Our prices are always honest and transparent – we don’t believe in hidden costs
• We pride ourselves on our local services that are convenient and budget friendly
> • We like to help you whenever we can – we’re into special promotions and free tools
• We always provide detailed quotes so you know exactly what you are paying for

We are known for our great customer service

• We profess to knowing everything about our customers, we may even know too much, but is that a bad thing?
• We urge you to tell us about your experiences so we can make your next one even better
• Our professional account managers help make your day last longer
• We take your business seriously – a 50 word translation is just as important as a 5,000 word translation
• We always ask you what we did wrong, not what we did right
• We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction, not the awards we receive
• We rise to any challenge and will happily accommodate any request
• The hours in a day are unimportant when it comes to getting your work finished on time
• If we are wrong, we’ll always admit to it and put the situation right straight away
• Our strong work ethic will see your project through to the very end

Our corporate philosophy is clear and simple

• Honesty and integrity are our daily motto
• We view every opportunity as if it is for the first time
• We consider bad translation is even worse than no translation at all
• We value people from all walks of life – diversity is the life blood of our company and what makes us unique
• We put the inspiration into perspiration – ours - not yours
• For each and every new problem we find, a solution to another is discovered
• We take real pride in our staff and make a positive contribution to their ongoing training and development
• We learn from our mistakes every day – the more successful we are – the more mistakes we make
• Our quest for knowledge is always incomplete

Services we offer

Language and Cultural Training

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Our Clients

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